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Getting cows pregnant is an important part of a dairy’s short and long term success and profitability. The ABS Reproductive Management System® (RMS) takes a systematic approach to maximizing pregnancy production by providing the following services through professional technicians:

  • Heat Detection: A dedicated RMS technician specifically trained to identify primary and secondary signs of heat will visit your herd on a daily basis to identify cows on heat. Using detailed computer records, tail chalking and recognizing the ovarian structures, allows our technicians to make accurate breeding decisions.
  • Artificial Insemination: Our Genus ABS RMS technicians have spent countless training hours behind cows and with experienced technicians to ensure accurate semen handling and placement. However, training isn’t a one-time occurrence, on-going is important when on average, globally, our technicians will breed 7,500 inseminations per year.
  • Synchronization: Our technicians are trained and current on the available synchronization protocols. If interested, they will help implement a synchronization program, from giving the hormone injections to breeding the cows.
  • Data Management: The RMS technicians are knowledgeable and dedicated to inputting accurate and detailed breeding data to reduce yet one step for your on-farm employees to worry about. At which time, the data can be interpreted and monitored to maximize pregnancy production on your dairy.
These professional technicians are placed through a robust training program that focuses on being efficient and effective heat detectors as well as breeding the right cows. Implementing our RMS program on your dairy, ensures that at all times there is one person accountable and keeping track of your reproductive program, whatever it may be. Our technicians add just one more ‘set of eyes’ to the success of your dairy.

Not all products and services are available in all areas; please contact your local Genus ABS representative for a complete listing of the products and services offered.


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