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Not all products and services are available in all areas; please contact your local Genus ABS representative for a complete listing of the products and services offered.

Reproductive Management

Supplying a consistent flow of pregnancies is fundamental to sustaining herd size, improving milk production and fueling your youngstock program. ABS Technical Service can help find solutions to existing bottlenecks before they impact long-term pregnancy inventory and profits.
  • Professional A.I. Technician Service (RMS®)
  • On-farm A.I. Technician Training
  • Reproductive Protocol Compliance/Implementation
  • Progesterone Testing

Records Analysis

Utilize ABS Technical Service to analyze current results and monitor performance so you may prioritize your opportunities and continually improve your reproductive program. Our world class team has the expertise to evaluate and interpret data in a clear, objective manner which is essential in the decision-making process. Furthermore we are able to access Genus ABS data globally, creating the option to benchmark indices with certain criteria.
  • Reproductive Evaluation
  • Ongoing Reproductive Monitoring
  • Extensive Global Benchmark
  • Solutions Offered and Implemented

On-Farm Employee Training

Dairies of every size have the same reoccurring need: employee training. Consistent, high quality performance of employees determines the overall success and profitability of a dairy. Our team is prepared to undertake full training programs for employees in all areas of dairy management. Such programs include not only, the technical side of training but the on-farm application of it. Internet-based and bilingual training is available for most programs. Below is a partial list of the areas of employee training.
  • Parlor
  • Maternity
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Cow Handling

Transition Period Management

Finding the area that is most restrictive on your dairy is critical to maximizing your return on inputs and improving profitability. Often times the area that tends to be the largest bottleneck is the transition period. A well-managed transition period is essential not only for a smooth, successful birth, but also to make sure cows start off in a favorable direction reproductively. Our team is able to design and implement monitoring systems for this critical period, minimizing early culls and promoting early and adequate performance in the future, focused on maximizing production.
  • Maternity Employee Training
  • Fresh Cow Management Protocol
  • Body Condition Scoring
  • BHBA/Urine PH Testing/Monitoring

Cow Comfort

Many facilities create performance roadblocks, hindering managers from achieving their goals. Cow comfort is one of the keys to improving profitability on dairies. Working with our experienced consultants from around the world, we can assist you in maximizing production and optimizing cow comfort in current or future facilities to create a more suitable environment allowing maximum performance.
  • Cow Comfort Evaluation
  • Lameness Scoring/Monitoring
  • Facility Design Adjustments
  • Stall Management Protocols

Milk Quality

Maintaining high-quality udder health returns huge profits to a dairy through improved production, reproduction and quality bonuses. Look to the ABS Technical Services Team for improved parlor procedures, cow environments, employee training and machine analysis.
  • Parlor Evaluation
  • Teat Condition and Cow Cleanliness Scoring
  • Milker Employee Training
  • Milking Machine Analysis

Cow Handling

Work with our Technical Service team to define certain standards you want all your farm employees to practice when handling your livestock, limiting affects on animal performance. Our team will then effectively communicate and train your employees on the best way, based on your standards and research-based handling guidelines, to safely move and work with your dairy cattle.
  • Customized Trainings
  • Train Employees in Working Environment
  • Bilingual Presentations Available
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Follow-up

Youngstock Management

Being a global company, our Technical Service team is well-versed on a wide-array of dairy aspects seeing different facilities, climates and challenges that dairy producers face on a daily basis. Youngstock management is one of the aspects that our team can assist you in perfecting. Having the correct protocols in place and employees trained in carrying them through, day after day, is very important to the success of the youngstock program.
  • Customized Protocols and Employee Training
  • Reproductive Protocol Management and Monitoring
  • Team Approach with Nutritionist, Veterinarian, Etc.
  • Body Condition Scoring

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