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Reproductive Training Program

Interested in advancing your, or your in-house breeding technician’s, breeding and heat detection skill sets, in addition to improving pregnancy flowchart knowledge and basic herd management?

Look no further, the Reproductive Management System® (RMS) Training Program is just what you need! Certified trainees of the RMS Training Program will walk away tooled with the ability to make accurate breeding decisions to enhance reproduction on your dairy.

The RMS Training Program is a 6-day program that consists of three different avenues of training:

Held at a state-of-the-art, 14,000 cow freestall and open lot Holstein dairy and an open lot heifer ranch, consisting of Jerseys and Holsteins, in the state of Idaho, USA. The Trainer has managed reproductive programs on large dairies for 7 years, is an experienced herdsman, a certified ultrasound technician and has multilingual coaching skills.

ABS paired with industry professionals from the University of Idaho Extension Team to provide trainings on the following topics:

  • Reproduction Management
    • Cow & Heifer Reproductive Physiology
    • Heat Detection
    • Hormone Management
    • Reproductive Measurement
  • Transition Cow Management
  • Safety & Biosecurity
  • Cattle Stockmanship
  • Cow Comfort
  • Heat Stress Management

ABS invites you to utilize our internal online training program which can be done anywhere. This online training program, Genus University, will provide trainees with further knowledge to ensure they feel equipped to not only manage a reproductive program but also to increase dairy management fundamental skill sets.

After completing the on-farm, classroom and online training, you will officially be a certified in the ABS Reproductive Training Program. Unlike trainings that are done when you get your completion certificate, we want you to be successful when you return home, so you will be left with resources (global TS Team, tools and materials) at the tips of your fingers to call upon whenever requested.

Please contact Jesus Berumen for further information on enrolling into the RMS Training Program at

ABS RMS Training Program Testimonials

Dwight Williams
ABS North America
Upon visiting the training center, Dwight Williams of ABS North America had the following reflections, “Jesus is very professional and dedicated to the implementation of specialized RMS training. Jesus showed that he is not only a competent trainer, but as good trainers are, he was also very open to suggestions from the trainees. The trainee I accompanied had a good deal of experience and Jesus utilized this to treat him as a peer and look for his input where appropriate; all while maintaining his positioning as the trainer. The time and techniques demonstrated for heat detection were as good as I have ever seen. I was impressed.”

Phil Salkeld
Genus ABS European Technical Services Representative


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