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Brief History

CowSigns was designed to correlate the affects of the environment on the reproductive performance of the cow. As a provider of world-class genetics, ABS understands you can not only get cows pregnant through the use of genetics, but also through providing the proper environment. Over 90% of reproductive results come through proper management and nutrition. Hence, the use of tools like CowSigns to exhibit how reproduction is being affected by the environment is important to increase your dairy profitability.

ABS strongly believes in providing a proper environment for dairy cattle because we know that comfortable, healthy cows prove more profitable and live longer lives. For several years, we have been working with our customers to maximize reproduction and milk production, while concentrating on what the cow is telling us.

"There are several indicators to objectively evaluate the "welfare" of cows. The indicators provide results that give dairy managers, nutritionists, veterinarians and other consultants essential data to pinpoint the bottlenecks inhibiting performance. CowSigns is an excellent tool that allows us to measure these indicators, in an agile, simple and fast way, providing us with very clear results."
Dr. Fernando Cavazos
ABS Technical Services Manager Latin America
“I work daily with herds in search of greater reproductive efficiency in order to produce more pregnancies to ensure a constant supply of milking cows. We know that pregnancy production is the result of a sum of factors, classified as either reproductive or non-reproductive. With Cow Signs, we evaluate the main non-reproductive attributes (comfort, nutrition, locomotion, udder health, etc.), measuring how much each of these affect the performance. We have succeeded in helping our RMS clients in getting more consistent and durable results."
Dr. Helio Rezende
Technical Services Tools Manager Genus ABS

Frequently Asked Questions

Working with customers of various sizes in many countries with different facilities, we have found similar questions asked and related bottlenecks hindering performance. Consequently we took these questions and opportunities and have turned this into useful tools that allow for more efficient and effective decision-making.

CowSigns User Testimonials

CowSigns is the only tool I know of that makes objective and real-time evaluations cow-side. It is a very useful tool to monitor the comfort of the herd as well as other parameters of behavior, such as rumination and general health of the cows. The incorporation of CowSigns to our program has helped to identify important points in the process, allowing us to make corrections and improve the overall condition of the herd. I recommend CowSigns because it helps us identify issues that occur in day-to-day, but can often go unnoticed.
Dr. Jesús Loaiza
Veterinarian at Stable Chilchota
CowSigns is the only tool that allows us to perform an objective evaluation of the comfort of the herd, as well as the status of the rumen, feces and body condition. This program enabled us to monitor changes in the different areas evaluated, allowing us to make the right decisions according to need. For us, the use of Cow Signs has provided very important information for improving the performance of our dairy, so we highly recommend this tool for producers.
Guillermo Hott
Fundo San Guillermo, Freire
CowSigns is an objective, timely, and practical tool. Its graphics and reports are explicit and clear. The implementation of the program helped me to detect faults that are not easily visible in the daily management of my dairy and in addition, the technical service team made ​​useful recommendations with its results. I recommend CowSigns to producers, because the tool is 100% reliable.
Dr. Víctor Piña
Veterinarian for Mapulas Farm
Thinking that reproduction is limited to the basics of semen process and artificial insemination is very close minded, as it disregards a fundamental aspect for the success of any herd. The evaluation of cow comfort is a metric we monitor to ensure all we are doing to increase milk production is effective. The use of parameters such as the ones ABS uses gives us more confidence about the decisions we are making and actually facilitated the systematization of data that we already had and did not use properly, and provided its effective use in herd management.
Ricardo Godinho
Agrop. Tucaninha. SJ Batista do Glória , MG

ABS Staff Testimonials

CowSigns is a tool that helps us not only to identify the important points to optimize the environment and increase the profitability of dairy, but also helps to estimate the economic impact expected from the possible changes, which is the most important information for decision-making.
Dr. Hernando Lopez
Genus ABS Global Director of Technical Services
United States
CowSigns has improved my monitoring visits through the collection of quantitative information. It is much more important to show the farm owners and managers a chart evaluating the comfort of the cows than simply telling them my evaluations of the visit. I always send reviews via email with "benchmarks" that make using the database's website a very important tool for the dairy team.
Dr. Cristian Vergara
ABS Technical Services Advisor
With CowSigns I can get objective information and evidence on various aspects of the herd , since the program is very versatile, clear and reliable. At any time, I review parameters such as comfort, locomotion and body condition quickly and the results can be viewed in graphical format which makes communication with customers, clearer and more objective. CowSigns tutorials are very clear, ensuring consistent information collected.
Dr. Alberto Gonzalez
ABS Technical Services Advisor
Now, with CowSigns, we have the ability to improve the accuracy in the collection, presentation and monitoring of data. When information is presented in a visually clear and objective way, the dairy team better understands and is able to apply the knowledge better. Furthermore, analyzes of benchmarking by region or country gives us a chance to make fair comparisons and to set more realistic goals.
Dr. Felipe Arias
ABS Technical Services Advisor
CowSigns is a tool that allows me to quantify and graphically display all the information generated in the cow's environment regarding their behavior and health, allowing us to see the management they are receiving. These signs are the best arguments for an effective evaluation of the management conditions or if we need to make changes for their welfare and thus generate a better productive and reproductive performance.
Dr. Luis Alonso Ruiz
ABS Technical Services Advisor



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