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A service to monitor reproductive performance of the herd

ABS Monitor is a data monitoring service with real-time technical support provided by Genus ABS to costumers in order to optimize their reproductive program and pregnancy production to ensure profitability of the herd.

Genus ABS counts with a world-class qualified team of experts ready to support producers on the evaluation and design of reproductive programs for their herds.

ABS Monitor was developed using the global practical experience of the Genus ABS Technical Service Team. This program evaluates reproductive performance in a Easy, Quick, Uncomplicated way in order to facilitate the on-farm decision making process.

ABS Monitor has two main components:

  • Offline: for on-farm data collection;

  • Online: for data analysis, results reporting, benchmarking, and real-time consulting.

Download the ABS Monitor Offline (download page) and ask your Genus ABS representative about online access.

The ABS Monitor reports, lists, and graphs are clear and of easy to interpret so you can make the best decisions to get the best results.

ABS Monitor is not just another computer program.
It successfully combines:

Reproductive program optimization
Ease of operation and interpretation
Real time technical Genus ABS support through a direct and exclusive communication channel
Benchmarking at different levels (globally, by country, state, or region).


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